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S4DS Software - Field management module

The designed modules that allow business marketing solutions to support business planning consist of the following variables:

  • Definition of distribution channels

  • Sales volume and margin

  • Independent distributors growth

  • Average units per order

  • Average orders

  • Return value

  • Strategies and programs for incentives and promotion (MLM, Party Plan, Flat)

  • Definition of tasks for commercial success

The Business Marketing Solutions comprise a series of activities that are framed through the definition and development of workflow and collaboration tools that facilitate interaction within the organization.   

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The sales/field management modules allow administrative functions on the extended structure itself such as: mass transfers, cycles of activation and commercial inactivation as well as the operational monitoring of the activity levels within the sales force field.


  1. Network management/Genealogy  

  • Leads and distributor tracking

  • Network tree  

  • Ranks – Career plan

  • Graphical performance indicators

  1. Interaction –Auto responders

  • Messages to the sales force

  • Broadcasts

  1. Massive territory re-assignment

  • Massive reallocation

  • Area division

  • Zone fusion

  1. Compensation plans management

  • Creation, set up and edition of compensation structures

  • Set up of structures: flat, breakaway, matrix, binary, unique level structure and linear structure

  • External compensation settlement

  • Compensation records

  • Extract generation



  1. Sales force - Performance indicators

  • Historical search statistics of the client

  • General customers report

  • Segmentation report by trade status

  1. Sales – Commercial agenda

  • Definition of business activities

  • Assigning activities to the sales force

  • Sales agents

  • Creating vendors

  • Sales force upload

  1. Budget upload

  • Company budget upload

  • Comparative reports



This functionality is aimed at the creation of incentive and points programs used as customer preservation strategies. Configuration and implementation of any points program and incentives from trade variables and segmentation.


  1. Loyalty program management

  • Months/campaigns/sales periods management

  • Awards catalog management

  1. Points calculation and assignment

  • Calculation and allocation of points

  • Balance inquiry points

  1. Redeem points

  • Redeemed points

  1. Awards catalog management

  • Catalog management

  • Awards management

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