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S4DS Software - Campaign and Portfolio Planning

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This segment of solutions aims to determine the products to be distributed into each channel through portfolio planning, according to the campaigns and sales cycles.

S4DS is a specialized solution for channel management, based on the concept of control planning and implementation activities, managed through a proprietary rules-based engine that allows an easy set up and a special coverage of the following activities:


Creation, aggregation or separation of zones according to the variables or business indicators (sales or growth of the network) and logistical indicators (transportation).

Managing existing territories:

  • Political divisions (cities or states)

  • Territorial divisions defined by the company such as the territorial coverage i.e. East and West.


  1. Territorial divisions management

Collaborative workflows between business areas and operation for the creation, definition, merging, and division of zones through the visualization of indicators such as sales volume and number of clients in order to make decisions.

The classification of territories by venders: this allows for the assignment, reassignment and de-assignment of territories to the sales force and to make bulk transfer of the customers (this concept is applied to the single level direct marketing for the territories).

  • Administration of regions

  • Administration of zones

  • Administration of sections

  1. Territory structure import

  • Territorial divisions upload

  • Territorial coverage upload

  • Political divisions upload

  1. Mail groups administration

  • Definition of mail groups

  • Mail groups upload


Collaborative workflows between commercial and operational areas in order to define their sales cycles and schedules activities for campaigns in order to balance compliance with sales budgets.

  1. Campaign activities calendar

  • Campaign management

  • Campaign activity configuration

  • Distribution of the operating areas

  • Generation of the mail plan

  • Questions about the mail plan

  • Business calendar

  1. Work flow planning

  • Definition of flow planning activities  

  • Launch of flow planning activities   

  1. Mail plan import

  • Campaigns upload

  • Mail plan upload



Product portfolio management for the sales channel, where a detailed plan of product portfolio can be generated by selling cycle or campaign activities, images management, product descriptions and price lists.

  1. Product management

  • Product management

  • Historical performance

  • Product attributes

  • Definition of product attributes

  • Administration of anchor products

  • Administration of product lists

  • Product list upload

  1. Catalog planning

  • Catalog activities

  • Definition of catalog work flow activities 

  1. Catalog management

  • Administration of the catalog

  • New catalogs planning

  • Catalog update

  • Completion of the planning phase

  • Catalog consulting

  • Catalog export

  • Definition of product variables

  • Assigning variables by role

  1. Multi catalog

  • Product catalog upload

  • Generic upload


Functionality that allows the company’s planning and management budget, in order to maintain visibility and control over the performance of each sales cycle.


  1. Sales & genealogy

  • Sales budget definition: define sales volumes, average units and number of orders per territory and campaign

  • Network or consultant budget definition: defines growth indicator values for consultant or networks, registration, downsizing by territory and campaign in a sales cycle

  1. Automatic calculation

  • Function selection

  • Calculation performance

  1. Budget upload

  • Demand forecast: data and sales indicators for future campaigns with inventory associations with the objective of forecasting demand

  • Sales objectives 

  1. Budget integration

  • Buying plans

  • Campaign plans: zone budgets and marketing mix

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