The Direct Selling Market in Brazil 

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S4DS attended the first annual Direct Selling event organized by the “ABEVD”(Associação Brasileira de Empresas de Vendas Diretas) which was held the 10th of April in Sao Paulo. This was a space to get to know closer the Direct Selling industry in Brazil, it’s generalities and the trends that mark the direction of the Direct Selling for the following years.

According to the ABEVD, Brazil have 4 million people sales force that during 2017 reached sales for 45 billion of Brazilian Real, meaning 13 billions of dollars. This sales force has some particularities that are not common to find in other markets, for example almost half of the independent distributors are between 18 and 29 years old. Additionally, men have been taking a huge participation in this market that traditionally has been led by women.

Below some statistics of the sales force in Brazil:


·      Women: 56,7%

·      Men: 43,3%


·      Between 18 and 29 years old: 48,3%

·      Between 30 and 55 years old: 46, 8 %

·      More than 55 years old: 4,9%


Reasons to work in Direct Selling:

  • Complimentary source of income: 64.3%

  • Lost their job: 21,1 %


Perform other activities:

  • No, just work as independent distributor: 64.3%

  • Yes, have other activities: 82,7%


On one hand during the event the main trends of the industry were discussed. These are the ones that tell what will happen in the coming years. Among which include:

  • Need for innovation by companies: productive chains, customer experience, products, etc.

  • Revolution of the platforms

  • The need to know the final consumer

  • Big data

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Digital revolution

  • Omnichannel

  • Life is performed more in a digital world rather than in the real world


On the other hand, the challenges that the industry face in this market were discussed. One of the main concerns is the high regulations that the sector has, which difficulties flexibility, this is a subject in which the ABEVD has been working in the last years.

Additionally, in the agenda there are some topics such as data protection, the need to train the sales force, the ability for consumers to take orders at anytime and the challenge to generate confidence through technology.

The first ABEVD event was a great opportunity to understand deeper the market and the potential of Direct Selling in Brazil.

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