4 Tips to Adjust to a Changing Direct Selling Environment

changing direct selling

Alan Luce from Strategic Choice Partners shared these amazing 4 tips to adjust to a changing direct selling environment.

Direct selling companies are facing the most rapid challenge in the recruiting environment. Compensation plans and money prizes seems not to work as they used to.

The challenges that the industry is facing seems to be related to a new set of expectations and processes. Meaning that fundamental societal changes are impacting the way direct sellers do business.

He states “We have seen and experienced enough in the last 18 months to understand that direct sellers are not going to persuade Generation Y and Millennial customers to do things the way they wanted to. So, we direct sellers are going to have to change our practices to be more in line with their wants and expectations.”

Additionally, Alan mentions 4 norms of this new attitudes for today direct sellers to take into account:

  • To be successful recruiting new sales people and selling products the company needs to have a transparent image in social media and on the web. Also the company’s reputation must be established and supported by customers
  • It’s a requirement for the company to sell training and motivational material.
  • Rethink and redesign the way the company communicates with the pubic and sales force. All communications have to be align to be visually compelling, succinct and to the point, accessible, available and delivered a variety of online mediums.
  • Be aware of how your newest salesforce is doing business. Since they will be your future leaders
Take into account what will work and what doesn’t with the desires and expectations of today’s consumer which perceive social media as a way of life not simply tools.

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