New Functionality: Managing Coupons in S4DS



S4DS Software is specialized in handling E-commerce and Direct Selling channels, it is constantly developing new functionalities and amplifying the system coverage to be at the forefront of the industry. Today S4DS wants to introduce you the new coupons module. This functionality has the purpose of encouraging not only final clients, but also all the consultants in order to generate higher purchases and increase the sales percentage.

Through this functionality Direct Selling companies have the opportunity to create selling strategies and delivering coupons to general public or to a specific person (For example people that are having their birthdays in the current month) or VIP clients, offering them a specific amount of money or a discount percentage at the moment they are shopping. Another option to send coupons to a list of people. The coupons limit can be configured and it also has the possibility of having unlimited coupons until certain date. Finally, coupons can be tied to the software rules by an order or a special userĀ“s behavior.

By having an open coupon to the public, the system will have a banner in the website promoting the offer or there is the option of sending automatic e-mails. It could be to certain people, a list of people or in general to all registered clients and consultants in the platform.


S4DS Platform specialized on managing E-commerce and direct selling is always evolving. Creating and adapting to the current market trends!

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