Challenges with Technology in the Direct Selling Industry


The WFDSA World Congress 2017 has already finished, but it let very important insights about the insdutry. One of them are the challendes Direct Selling has to face nowadays, regarding technology. One of the most important challenges is to understand the perspectives of the two different groups of people of todays world. The first one is the people who interact with technology and the second one is the people who are attracted by technology.

On the other hand, there is an uncertainty whether by which of the two groups decisions are being made.

The Concerns with technology

  • Decision Making: Necessary but not popular
  • Speed of the decision making process, in an environment that is constantly changing
  • Exponential growth
  • Generation change: Understand and adapt the business model
  • There´s no right answer: New paths and new contexts constantly change people´s way of thinking
  • Have a clear Purpose
  • Nowadays Direct selling companies have to focus not only in the consultant but also in the final consumer: This is a huge challenge but is necessary
  • Reinvent yourself and your company
  • Taking advantage of diversity is a must: How to operate within diverse generations and visions is a fundamental advantage

Direct Selling companies need to be aware of these concerns of today world, in order to be at the forefront of the industry. The cornerstone for it is to create strategies regarding the technological solutions that need to be implemented to attract and retain new consultants and consumers that allow companies to remain relevant over time with the new generations.  

S4DS Software is the technological solution that will help the direct selling companies to boost their business to keep up with the trends of the industry!

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