S4DS evolves into the new trends of the Direct Selling Industry

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S4DS Software not only supports the different Direct Selling models, like Flat Models, Network Marketing and Party Plan but also includes a complete coverage of all the functionalities needed to operate an E-commerce channel.

A new trend among the Direct Selling companies is the E-commerce and sales to final consumers. It has become stronger over the past years. These companies continuously try to reinvent themselves, in order to compete in an environment full of actors and competitors. In this context emerged the need of being diverse and delivering added value to all users. And one of the most important backbones is to reach final customer.

Joseph Mariano, president of the Direct Selling Association of the United States, highlighted during the DSA Annual Meeting in Orlando that companies cannot remain blind to the need of demonstrating the product’s demand and viability to all clients, including those that are just final users.

Looking to satisfy this need that has become a trend inside the industry, S4DS developed a complete E-commerce solution with a comprehensive coverage of the operation. It includes functionalities such as multi branding, filters by product characteristics, wish list, discount coupons, global browser, offers, sales, etc.

Additionally, S4DS provides replicated websites for the sales force. Those are personal sites for each of the affiliates. The replicated sites have the same corporate image, but include the personal information of the consultants. There consultants have the possibility of developing their own business and commissioning for the sales that are done through their personal sites by the end consumers. Through this site they can also expand their contacts and downline.

Apart from these functionalities, S4DS has also a complete software scope with features like multi-country, multicurrency, multi-language and multi-catalog. Additionally, there is the possibility of implementing loyalty and referral programs and having an auto shipping option, among many other features included in the distributors and the company´s back office.

S4DS also offers a wide variety of integrations such as Global Payment Operators, logistic operators, ERPs, E-Wallet and Tax Calculation Systems.

On the other hand, S4DS also provides functionalities for the points of sales, looking to cover needs of the logistics and experience centers, as well as the expectations of multichannel companies.

S4DS has a complete coverage of the functionalities needed in the direct selling industry. Especially for the companies that aim to be versatile and explore new opportunities that allow them to evolve at the same speed of the market and industry needs.

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