E-commerce: An effective way in Direct Selling

For many reasons, people have believed Direct Selling and E-commerce differ one from another.

What we want to point out, based on some of the ideas Mike Jones placed in his article “Direct Selling vs. E-commerce Revisited” (Published, March 31st 2014), is that nowadays an increased number of direct selling companies rely on E-commerce and Direct Selling strategies to be applied in their way of selling and reaching out to consultants and end users

As a Direct Selling Software, we advise and boost Direct Selling companies to engage with E-commerce, based not only on our experience but also on the statistics and advantages they can get from it, shown as follows:

  • Consultants generally enjoy the on-line experience
  • In today’s world, many consumers do not want a lot of personal attention after their initial order. Companies can provide their consultants E-commerce techniques to drive repeat sales taking into account the initial order placed
  • Those MLM or Party Plan companies that incorporate E-commerce, gives their consultants the tools to spread their personal sales nets wider.

We strongly believe, according to Mike Jones (2014, Direct Selling vs. E-commerce Revisited), that successful Direct Selling companies will be those that leverage their advantage in educating and acquiring a new customer with the built in advantages or e-commerce for re-orders and follow-ups to the relationship.

For the first time, S4DS has came with its E-commerce platform release for MKC with a whole Direct Selling software specialized in Fashion featuring some of the unique functionalities Direct Selling companies use in their daily basis operations as well as many more functionalities

We see many Direct Selling start-ups pioneering exciting uses of web technology and blends of Direct Selling and e-commerce. 

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