Logistics: A challenge for Direct Selling


Logistics seems to be a constant challenge for the direct selling industry, even more to the one presented in all traditional channels including the retail sector. This happens due to the fact of having multiple access points where consultants or distributors are located. Therefore, it is necessary to have great coordination between processes, bearing logistics in mind not only in the time of delivering, but within each business stage.

Logistics starts from the planning stage to all suppliers and supply selection, and then is extended throughout the production process until all products are delivered to the end user, the most important part of the whole process.

What really matter is the moment when the value perception that comes from all clients is embodied. In other words, is the stage in which the customer gets in touch with the company's service. Based on the contact made, an opinion is raised regarding its quality.

The product┬┤s delivery is neither the unique nor the most important stage; these stages occur when the customer gets in contact with any resource of the company for example, infrastructure, offices, customer service, among others meaning all the spaces in which customers have direct contact with the company┬┤s proposition value 

For those Direct Selling companies taking part in dynamic environments and where motivation and innovation must be delivered every day, a great challenge arises for the logistics area, the one that must ensure customers to be satisfied when receiving the right products, in the right place and at the proper time. 

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