Multilevel or Network Marketing: An Evolving Direct Selling Modality

The progress to a more globalized and inclusive society that is open for business, has allowed the incorporation, and even encouraged the use of the concept "Multilevel " as well the creation of corporations and all models addressing an industry where the figure of an intermediary (consultant, distributor, agent, affiliate, etc.) becomes part of a commercial relationship between manufacturer - entrepreneur and consumer or end user.


Early days of Multilevel

Carl F. Rehnborg main contribution lay in the importance of dietary supplements. His insistence and effort in making known the benefits of natural nutrients for the body, led him to find the perfect channel to distribute his products. In 1934, he founded what is now known as Nutrilite.

What he never expected to happen, was his historic contribution not just in nutrition but also in terms of development and innovation of new business concepts.

"The difference in Nutrilite sales system versus those that existed during those days, resulted to be a very original and beneficial, as a great majority of distributors were also Nutrilite consumers.  The impact of this kind of referrals, was much more intense and provoked many satisfied clients to become distributors”. Alfre Mancera.

Just at the moment the model set by the Company started to show results, an opening towards the concept Multi-level or Network Marketing was delivered to the society, giving rise to the first compensation plan, where distributors could associate and bring more and more people to their downline (Network), having in return a commission based on sales made.


multilevel s4ds


Today, more than 250 companies worldwide operate using a Multilevel Scheme. A model with an approach that is constantly evolving in sales techniques, personal and professional growth provided for those that want to become distributor sor consultants.

According to "Business for the home," the top 10 MLM companies with greater “momentum” registered in real time are:

multilevel marketing s4ds

Due to the growth in the people interested in belong to these companies, Business For Home decided to qualify and register the ranking, based on the behavior of companies on the web, social media networks, ranking Alexa, etc.


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