Direct Selling: Tips For a Winning Sales Presentation

The sales presentation is your chance to show and tell. In other words its your showcase in Direct Selling industry. In order to this in a successful way you need to think strategically. What is the customer’s buying process and their needs, who are your competitors, what are they offering and how is your product different than theirs.

Always think how and why your solution is best.

Here are 3 keys to planning a winning sales presentation:

  • Find out how much time you have: Timing is everything in the business world. When planning your sales presentation, make sure you take no more than the 60% of the allowed time. Why? Because if at the end of the presentation, the potential customers decide to ask some questions, you must take what left of the time to resolve any remaining issues and reach an agreement.

  • Go beyond your completion: Doing some previous research of your main competitors. See how the offer their products. If your audience has seen a better sales presentation of your competitor, you have to improve yours.

  • Know about your customer's decision process: if you are the only supplier of your customer, their decisions will be fast. However this is not always the common situation. Costumers generally have more options you have to be aware of.

So always be prepared, know what you are selling, even if you are selling yourself and make the best sales presentation.

This tips will help you in Direct Selling industry.


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