Direct Selling, Multilevel, Party Plan: Tips to Increase your Sales


If you are a consultant of Direct Selling or Multilevel Marketing, learn how you can increase your sales.




Here are some simple sales tips you can take to be more sucessful in the direct selling business:

  1. Only contact decisions makers: Decision makers are those that own the problem you are offering solutions for and have the budget to buy it. To contact them: research their job titles and background of those who have been their clients in the past.

  2. Sell to big buyers: A big buyer is a company that needs your offer and can pay for it. Research the company's financial situation online and see if they are able to buy what you are offering. Sometimes small sales take more time than big sales to big customers.

  3. Control your meeting time: When you ask for an appointment you have to accommodate to your client schedule. When the appointment is set, make sure the time is also convenient for you. There is prove that 99% of prospects will not mind changing the appointment, once they have decided to meet you.

  4. Use more referrals: When you know that a customer is motivated with your offers, ask him to promote your products or services. Your satisfied customer will help you to achieve more satisfied customers.

  5. Optimize your meeting schedule: Take control and plan your time. Sometimes its better in order to increase your sales, to make phone calls or send email. Is better if you spend all the morning making calls and the afternoon making visits.

  6. Sell when prospects are available: Don’t waste prime sales call time doing research, answering emails and so forth. Instead, spend that time getting in touch with, and meeting with, real live prospects. Prospects are available only when they are available; if they are ready to buy don't miss this opportunity.

  7. Stop repeating yourself: Don't try to attempt to make the same point over and over. Create an agenda for your presentations and meetings. A consistent presentation will generate credibility.

  8. Don't anticipate objections: Become familiar with the objections that you usually find in your sales meetings. Instead, build the answers to those objections into the presentation without identifying them explicitly.

  9. Close in the right way: The “close” is, of course, the point when you ask the customer to buy your offering. When you see that your presentation is finishing make the right question to confirm if your prospect is really interested. (“Is everything clear for you?”). Attempting to close at the wrong time always means that you’ll need to spend extra for sale and increase your sales.

We invite you to practice this sales tips and we wish you luck in your direct selling and multilevel business. Remember, increase sales should be one of your main business objectives.

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