It is very common to hear say within the same company or brand that a particular seller far exceeded the results achieved by others who have the same tools as this.


Undoubtedly, this is caused by many factors such as personal charisma, conversation skills, knowledge of the audience, the number of contacts that the seller has among others.

It is not the objective in this article to talk about the human aspects in sales processes that determine how a seller obtains better results than others. In this case, we will talk about the external factors that influence the sale, such as the good or bad use of technology, which must be taken into account since it can influence the buying and selling process more than it's believed.


Although we are living the era of digitalization, many consultants who have the same technological tools such as selling softwares, do not know how to fully handle the main functionalities that these tools offer, which can cause the advantages to be wasted.


Another fundamental aspect that every company in the sales area requires is a good CRM to manage well the data of all the leads and customers of each consultor. Oftenly, the best sellers sometimes are the most skilled and organized in the use of the tools. And a CRM is a simple tool to use, which makes the work much easier for the consultants, however, despite how convenient it is, if you do not know how to use it correctly, the results will be affected. Remembering the name of a client, contact information, the date of a meeting, segmentation and more, can be a complex task, and without the use of this kind of digital elements such as CRM, it becomes more complex. It may sound basic, but it happens all the time.

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