S4DS - How To Select A Software Provider For Your MLM Companies?


There is no doubt that a huge decision for direct selling companies is the selection of a software provider. This is a very important decision since it can affect positively or negatively your Company and operations depending on your choice.

software provider

This week S4DS was in the Direct Selling Edge Conference, there the following fundamental aspects to select a software were presented:

  • Understand your needs and capabilities
    • Build a complete list of requirements
    • What is your Budget
    • What will you compromise on?
    • What will you not compromise on?
    • What is a priority and what can be postponed?
    • What type of support will you require?
  • Some examples of some request companies used to have:
    • International coverage: Currency, language and taxes
    • Existing partners
    • Conversion or Data Imports
    • Regulatory Constraints

Additionally, there are some features that are a must in software providers such as:

  • Replicated Sites
  • Party Plan
  • Promotions
  • Support tickets
  • Qualification Reports
  • Real time volume
  • Autoship

Finally, after being able to complete these suggestions the selection of the software provider may become simpler and easier.

S4DS Software has all the features you need to manage your direct selling business. Our system has a comprehensive coverage of all direct selling models: MLM, Party Plan and Single Levels. We are always working and improving to help companies move forward into achieving success by meeting all their needs and being at the forefront of the industry.




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