S4DS - Fast Start Program in Party Plan and MLM companies


Both Multi-level marketing and Party Plan companies know that consultants who meet their respective Fast Start Program goals will stay active longer and are more likely to recruit. 

Why A Fast Start?

Companies need to connect the dots between qualification and Fast Start, and at the same time make the steps a bit easier for new consultants to get their head around.

While network marketing and party plan direct selling companies have much in common, when it comes to Fast Start Programs, the words “Fast Start” mean something quite different.

It means something and everything from the time of enrollment of every consultant to have a good start.


Multi-level Marketing companies

 For these companies and their consultants “Fast Start” means “make a specific purchase.” At the time of enrollment, network marketing companies may offer a Fast Start Product Pack upon which Fast Start compensation is paid. To be eligible to be paid a Fast Start compensation, a consultant needs to “make a specific Fast Start Product Pack” or generate enough personal sales volume from orders placed by them or their personally enrolled customers.


Party Plan companies

 Selling for a consultant in a party plan company is the key for success. For these companies and their consultants, “Fast Start” means “sell a specific amount.” From the date of enrollment for a specific period of time, new consultants can accumulate sales volume upon which they can earn free products or other rewards.




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