In previous articles we have been talking about how technology, E-commerce and the speed of day to day in which we live, are leading to the modification not only of the sales systems, but of the physical spaces of the stores and supermarkets, which leads to a renewed user experience in the purchase process.



Increasingly, Ecommerce is becoming a necessity, not only for the established platforms that have always made use of this system or for vendors and distributors of specific brands or products, but also for warehouses, supermarkets and stores of all kinds, even the largest ones that did not use these tools or was only a complementary part of their activity. The causes of this are several and significant for both the consumer and the company.


Not only has it been a pioneer in the creation of a fully digitized supermarket, but after having acquired the Whole Foods Market chain, many supermarkets dedicated to retail food have had to start to devise strategies to renew and implement digital activities through Ecommerce and CRM.


For all this, the stores and supermarkets are having to take into account not only the digitized sales system such as the click and collect (See article BRANDS, NOWISM & CLICK AND COLLECT), but also the physical spaces and the distribution of the same for be able to adjust to the effects that digitization through Ecommerce and CRM generate, such as the location of products and the flow of users, since some buy from the Ecommerce and then go for their order in the store, others ask for it at home and others buy in person at the store, which modifies the experience and flow of users. S4DS Software contains the functions of Ecommerce and CRM that many companies, large, medium and small are requiring more and more. For more information request a Demo here:

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As it is evident to see this trend in the world, shops, brands and supermarkets will increasingly implement this type of models that will not only be an added value, but a priority for the success of their businesses and their survival over time.