DSA Fall Conference Insights, Direct Selling is Evolving.

Our team was present in the DSA Fall Conference  hosted in Washing D.C last November 12, 13 and 14 , we got some great insights from what was discussed there and we created a very interisting article:

The Direct Selling Industry have shifted in order to compete with the greatest challenges Nowadays, such as Uber, Lift and Amazon.

As you know, the only thing constant in life is change..

In this new transformed Direct Selling Industry, It is a MUST to have fun and include personal interaction in the shopping experience. Understanding this change is crucial for Direct Selling businesses since generations are changing and they are focused on Experience. That is why social selling and added value has become a trend.

So how can Direct Selling companies compete in today’s competitive world?

The key is to take this new mindset and make it part of the company’s DNA. After having this in mind is necessary to rethink the purchasing process..

We can start this rethinking with the nanoinfluencers, maybe you are thinking what does this means, who are nanoinfluencers, would it help my company, how can I get them..


Let’s get deep into this idea: Nanoinfluencers will empower your company, help you with online positioning and contribute in influencer selling.

Nanoinfluences are your company’s famous people like mini kardashians they will share their experiences with the product, their story, tips and help with the purchase decision.

In S4DS we have  great tools to promote influencers like a supercharged replicated sites with functionalities for them to make easier and fun their job! We are also integrated with Addthis, which is an integration with social media, the perfect combination for them.


By S4DS Marketing Team