Direct Selling Statistics for 2016 According to DSA

According to the DSA (Direct Selling Association) the sum of the direct retail sales for 2016 was $35.54 billion. During this period 20,5 million people were involved in the Direct Selling business, this number represents an increase of 1.5% from 2015. On the one hand, 5.3 million of these people are building independent business as direct sellers, this means that they manage a customer base and sponsor others to do the same. And on the other hand, 15.2 million people receive a discount on products and services that they enjoy and use.

From the total of the people involved 74,0% were women and 20,6% were men. And the age group that more actively participates in Direct Selling is the people from 35 to 44 years old, representing 26% of the total.

Regarding the most preferred products the Wellness group presented the highest sales, followed by Services & Other, Home & Family Care/Durables, Personal Care, Clothing & Accessories, and in the last place are the Leisure/Educational products.

In the following graphics you can find detailed information about the statistics:

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