By Frank Pierre Font

S4DS Digital Strategy Designer

Although social media and digital marketing have proven to be fundamental for any company and these have had to increase their hiring in this area regardless of their size, service or product, there are still doubts about the importance of content management.

social media strategy


Although it is valid and in fact very frequent that digital marketing professionals use others content (always keeping good practices and respecting author credits), original content is what sets you apart from others and gives value to your brand or company.

The quality of your knowledge about a specific topic allows you to generate valuable content that your followers will find useful and therefore you will become a reliable reference for them. Thus, your brand or company will have an ever better reputation. This is why it is so important to create a good content strategy.


Some experts say, the more publications, the more effective. Others think that the lower the quantity, the higher the quality. Personally, I'm more on the second one, because in my activities as a digital strategist I have found that public reacts with greater emotion with posts of substantial content, and they don't like to see their walls saturated.

However, I have seen cases of success on both sides, therefore it is not possible to define a single strategy or concept when publishing. Internet is a laboratory where you learn based on trial and error. Sometimes you get very good results the first time, sometimes not. It must be constantly tested and corrected.


Given that in S4DS we know the importance of content marketing and social media actions by influencers and consultants, we keep our platform constantly updated with all the functionalities that these may require for their activity to be successful.

Among these are: integration with social networks, OG Tags, audience reports, social media live, link with Instagram among others.

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