S4DS - Challenges and Trends in Direct Selling Part II


In this article we continue to develop the other 5 remaining challenges and trends identified by our team to be taken into consideration for a successful development of a direct sales channel.


  • Immediate logistics
  • Memberships and clubs
  • Work modality changes
  • Omnichannel
  • New technologies


Immediate Logistics


  • The logistics of the companies besides being a fundamental aspect is a trend in the world.
  • Deliver on time and in the shortest time possible the products ordered by your customers


  • Deliver the product from the company to the end customer
  • When done directly, it is more efficient and prevents the consultant from having inventory.
  • The model of Mexico in this subject is interesting with a strong presence of experience stores, relationship and immediate delivery of the products to catalog sales representatives.


Memberships / Clubs


loyalty programs


A trend that is increasingly common are the memberships or clubs that consist in offering a discount to the person who is already in the club for the referred persons who buy and join. It's a great way to build customer loyalty and expand the market

Certain characteristics to keep in mind that are fundamental in this model are:


  • Results and immediate gratification
  • products
  • Awards
  • Offers


Work Modality Changes


The companies of the future are related to the technological transformation, their capacity to adapt to the new demands of the consumer and the evolution of work.


job automatization


Note Support 1: According to a recent study on Digital Transformation of ANDI, digitalization plays an increasingly important role in the development of business.

The percentage of entrepreneurs who already know what is Revolution 4.0 went from 43.7% to 65.2% in the last year.

"The important thing is that there is progress and greater awareness, entrepreneurs are beginning to advance in digital transformation." The main challenge remains the regulatory issue and the change in the mentality of society.

(Las Empresas del Futuro , 2018)


Note Support 2: In countries like Japan and the United States we can already see this automation, hotels and restaurants are being completely managed by robots.

 Many answers for this could be in direct sales, we are preparing for this transformation and we are evolving along with market trends.


(Oppenheimer, 2018)




A trend that we see more and more and becomes more popular


Some are:

  • Opening of Natura physical stores in Brazil
  • Call center, E-commerce, direct sales and connected stores in a single model




Basic coverage of technological processes

  • E-commerce: Standard purchase
  • Basic replicated sites
  • Online registration, purchase, contracts
  • Promotions engine
  • Points Program
  • Integration with social networks
  • Customer club
  • Training module


Extended technological coverage

  • Supercharged replicated site extension
  • Newsletter by consultant
  • Automatic SEO for replicated sites
  • Integration with social platforms
  • Different O.G tags each time you publish your url.
  • Automatic publications
  • Statistics Dashboard


Technological Trends


  • Gamification: application of typical elements of the game (for example, scores, competition with others, rules) as an online marketing technique to encourage commitment to the products.
  • AI: Provide more agile and closer experiences in purchasing recommendations, predictions of desertion, reasons for linkage, cross-selling, etc. The most interesting is the trained and non-algorithmic systems.
  • Bot: Chatbots will become standard soon for a simple reason: personalization. Repeated purchases (and other predictable orders) will perfectly fit the chatbot model. Imagine that your customer has wanted to buy some beauty items: you receive a message from a store chatbot informing you that you have added these items, and you can send them the next day if your client authorizes it.
  • Datalakes & BI: ​​It is an integrated set of services that provides everything necessary to quickly and easily build and manage a lake of data for analysis. Business intelligence and data lakes can handle the scale, agility and flexibility required to combine different types of data and analytical approaches to gain a deeper insight, so that the company can analyze demand and effectiveness of its products by customer segment in a short time for annual, monthly or weekly budgets.
  • Augmented Reality: A buyer could obtain a complete visual reproduction of a real store, with tactile feedback to interact with incredible products and preview options (they could simply lift a chair and place it in a virtual model of their house, for example).
  • Mobile: The smartphone has already surpassed the PC as the main Internet access device, almost four out of ten Internet users worldwide have the main device to access the mobile Internet, this trend is related to the immediacy of purchase and indicates that all e-commerce (company and replicated site) must be responsive web to be able to respond to users of this new era.

We at S4DS are aware of all these challenges and trends and we have all the technological tools to be able to carry out new sales channels within companies. Request a demo now!.



Oppenheimer, A. (2018). !Sálvense Quien Pueda! Vintage Español.

Las Empresas del Futuro . (2018). Gerente Colombia, 28,29.




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