By Frank Pierre Font

S4DS Digital Strategy Designer

In today's world, with the technology advances and facilities it allows, the number of different sizes brands is constantly increasing. Where before there were only a few that dominated a whole market, now you can find variety and proposals of all kinds. A natural consequence of the accessibility to things that in other times was only possible with high budgets and investment.

Brand Awareness


A clear example is the music industry, where before only musicians who managed to contract with a record company could distribute and expand their music efficiently, with few exceptions, therefore those who did, accumulated a huge amount of followers and they hoarded the media. Just recording an album involved a considerable cost. With current technology, recording songs has become an economic process, also making videos and promoting this material, which has increased and diversified the offer and also the demand.

The same has happened in most human activities and markets. But, in this scenario, other important factors take place, like saturation and increase of competitors. The construction of Brand Awareness plays a very important role here.


It is very important to understand this concept, not its definition but in what it means for the consumer and the company. Having visibility is something that every brand wants, however, in a world where users are well informed, it is not enough just to be in the top of mind. Brands must understand the user and have a human approach towards him.

Don't think like a company, think like a group of people. Humanize your brand.

This will lead you to offer a product or service that is more specific and closer to the public. The days of marketing tricks and deceptive advertising are gone. The user knows and interacts, so he must be given real information and in a human and close tone.

We are in the era in which anyone who has an idea, if they know how to carry it out, can achieve their goals by making good use of the tools that technology provides.

Markets diversify and expand, causing that many small and medium brands enter the scene with the potential to reach the public and take their share of the market there where only a few large companies shared the audience and customers.

Having discussed here a bit about the philosophical part in the construction of Brand Awareness, in the next article we will talk about tips to gain visibility and advance in this important objective.


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