Affiliate Marketing, Social Selling, and Direct Selling: a guide to digital selling models

Sales Representatives using S4DS's software for Direct Selling Businesses

By now, digital selling models are the standard for any business. A lot of people are buying mostly online and will continue to do so in the years to come. 

To catch up with consumer trends and behavior of finding brands online, connecting with them on social media, and then making the decision to purchase through different channels, many selling models have been born or changed using technological tools.

If you are a part of the e-commerce world, you probably have heard by now of terms like influencer marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Selling, Social Commerce, and Digital Direct Selling. Also, you probably already know that embracing at least one of them is one of the fastest routes to get a new digital sales channel that increases your brand exposure and company sales.

The problem is, with so much information available online, it is getting confusing to differentiate the models and, even sometimes understand their characteristics when often they are referred to as synonyms. In reality, they are fundamentally different!

Ultimately, they all aim for the same result: driving sales. Nonetheless, the tools, techniques, and even platforms they leverage for this end are all very different.

But fear not! At S4DS we got you covered on the basics of online selling models. 

Fill out this form to download the complete guide to differentiate them and learn more about how each of them may benefit your business, what makes them apart, which is the best fit for you, and how S4DS modular features may help your business leverage each of these models with state of the art technology tools to take your business to a new level.

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