7 Things to Consider When Searching for an MLM Software in Direct Selling

Changing or implementing a new MLM software in your Direct Selling company can be stressful and confusing. To help ease your transition, we have put together a list of 7 things you should keep in mind when searching for the ideal software.

Searching for an MLM Software

1. List Your Requirements

The requirements companies have in terms of software differ depending on the type of business and products each offers. Sitting down and creating a list of requirements your company has for the MLM Software you are looking to implement is a great first step into your search.

Some requirements that can be kept in mind are:

  • Security
  • E-commerce
  • Customer Support
  • Commission Payment
  • Reliable Backup System
  • Payment/Transaction Processes
  • Multi-Language, Multi-Currency, and Multi-Country Options

These requirements, amongst others, you come up with depending on your specific company needs, will function as a first filter when choosing your new Multi-Level Marketing Software.


2. Set Your Budget

Along with creating a list of requirements your company needs from the software you are searching for, we also recommend that you set a budget to once more filter your options. You will be able to make sure you are looking at software you can afford by setting your budget, doing so will also prevent you from loving a software and then realizing you cannot afford it and having to start the search once more.


3. Ask for a Product Demo

Many, if not all, software providers offer a free demo, take advantage of this to get to know the product, and all of its features as well a make sure it is easy to use and that it fits your expectations. 

We put the product demo a the top of our list because we believe that it can, once more, serve as a filter in your MLM Software selection process. If you are not a fan of the software, you can move on to the next offer and not regret having spent a long time researching the product to find out you do not like it in the demo. 

With the demo, you will be able to check numbers four and five off the list, and if the demo happens to be a guided one, you can take advantage of the one-on-one interaction and ask about as well as check-off the remaining considerations we have on this list.


4. Consider the Integration of Systems

With the advancement in technology and the evolution of Direct Selling and how it is unfolding, it is essential to have software that can integrate with other systems and allow for evolution with the changing customer and consultant needs. Some integrations that should be considered as a plus are:

  • Integration with Third Parties to Enhance Your Sales
  • Integration with E-commerce
  • Social Media Integration for Your Consultants

Fully Integrated CRM


5. Analyze the Software’s User-Friendliness

The idea of technology is to facilitate the processes and jobs that are being fulfilled. However, sometimes the technology that is created to facilitate a process or task is not as easy to use for an individual with basic technological knowledge.

Since the Direct Selling industry covers such a wide range of individuals, ones with expert knowledge and others with minimum knowledge, you should make sure that the software you want to implement provides a user-friendly experience.


6. Ask About Support Capabilities

The introduction of new software in a company can be very overwhelming, which is why you should be sure to ask how your new software provider will provide support.

Questions that can help you identify whether the support offered meets your expectations are:

  • Will your new provider give you and your employees/consultants adequate training to guarantee proper and knowledgable use? 
  • How will the training, if any, be provided?
  • Will there be a 24/7 customer support line or chat?
  • What regions is their support offered in?


7. Contemplate Experience and Track Record of the Provider

Taking the experience a software provider has into consideration is very important when it comes to selecting an MLM software for your company. 

Making sure the software provider you are going to join is an expert in working with companies and projects similar to yours or with Direct Selling companies in general, will help guarantee that the outcome of your project is successful. 

Experiences that should be taken into consideration are: 

  • B2B interactions
  • Jobs accomplished with companies that are similar in size, industry, and goals
  • Interaction with companies that have a similar selling process to yours

Other considerations can be the provider’s partnerships with associations related to your company, in the case of Direct Selling, it could be the Direct Selling Association of your company’s country or the DSAs of prominent countries.

We hope these 7 things to take into consideration get you on the right path to finding your ideal MLM Software provider and invite you to read about S4DS’s MLM Software.


S4DS’s MLM Software

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