Currently we can’t because our team is constantly working over it but if you wish we can schedule the meetings that are needed.

Yes, our software includes:

  • The detail of people that shop online
  • Possibility to upload information regarding leads
  • Notes and pending activities
  • Classify them by commercial state
  • Performance follow up (AA, A, B,C)
  • Extended fields
  • Corporate and personal calendar

Yes, we have an internal timeline that works like facebook wall, consultants and the company can publish pictures, videos and comment to an specific person.

Also we have an integration with ADDTHIS, when someone purchase, join they have the possibility to publish it in their social media.

We have a rule engine in the system so all type of rules can be configured

Yes, we can, we have great functionalities such as:

  • Points, discounts, membership
  • Benefits for the final customer
  • Benefits for the consultant

We are an Omnichannel Software that comprehends all features and requirements needed in the Direct Selling Industry. Nevertheless, our software offers different functionalities that solve the needs of companies and business based on B2C (Business to client) model, such as:

  • Direct Selling
  • CRM / Call Center
  • Influencers
  • E-Commerce
  • Physical Store

Yes! You can pay them manually in the software or we are currently integrated with Hyperwallet and Payquicker for automatic commission payment.

The Demo will take from 30 minutes to 1 hour, if you do not have time for the whole hour we can divide it into two sessions.

Yes we currently cover all Direct Selling models: Binary, Party Plan, MLM and Catalog sales.

Yes, we currently have people in our team that speak english, spanish and portuguese, so in case you require one of those 3 languages just let us know and we will schedule the right person for you. Request a demo now!