ABOUT US – Direct Selling Software


With more than 25 years of experience in the Direct Selling Industry, S4DS has presence in North America, Europe and Latin America. We offer a unique one-stop Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that allows clients to manage their E-commerce and all of the activities involved in their direct selling processes.

With several modules, S4DS software solution targets the main needs within the industry:

  • E-commerce
  • Web management.
  • The relationship with sales force.
  • Company operations.

By using this solution, direct selling companies achieve faster client base growth in one country or in many different countries and minimizes costs resulting in stronger relationships with salesforce.

Throughout our years of experience we have worked with Tupperware, Amway, Natura, Avon, among other companies included in the Top 100 of the Direct Selling Industry.                                                                                                       

In S4DS – Solutions For Direct Selling, we are committed with the people, our purpose is enhance people´s lives through our software.

With our disruptive software we facilitate millions of lives, and motivate people to work on direct sales to increase their incomes while developing other activities that are more important for them like caring for their family, traveling, sharing with friends and in overall enjoying life.

We are committed with companies, consultants and all the industry of direct selling, your success in direct selling is our goal.

Know in deep our software and request a demo right now, we are looking forward to know you and talk to you so you understand better all the modules and tools we have to offer.