Social Media: the new way to create interaction and relationships

Many have dared to say that Social Media is the biggest change after the Industrial Revolution.

Being in Social media means to be at the forefront of new technologies, attentive to change and being part of the transformation of the world.

Much has been said about Social media. Social Media has been known as Social CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or CRM 2.0. Basically it´s all about the use of the different tools provided for Internet to create interaction with others with social and commercial purposes.

Among other strategies to generate relationships, is the exchange of information, points of views, publish, promote and exhibited in some way, across the different tools provided by Social Media such as Blogs, Microblogging, sites of shared content, Social Markets, Podcasts, Wikis, Widgets and Social Networks.

Now days, there are more than 200 social networks in the world, most of them focused in developing social relationships, where the people control their privacy with photos, videos, messages, comments and different applications that allows them to send presents, cards, do surveys, with the purpose of generating what is known as one of the principal objectives of Social Media: interaction.

However, there are another kind of tools inside Social Media that categorize their interests either in the commercial, religious, educative, political areas. This kind of emphasis allows millions and millions of users every day interacting with Internet to join and participate in those sites where they can find peers and can create interaction to.

Social Media has revolutionized the communication to the extent that it, being associated with the network of networks that is Internet, allows the interaction with people worldwide, is a cultural exchange, ideological and even commercial that crosses borders and open endless possibilities.

The great convergence generated by this Social Media has impacted not only the society but has shaken the companies and entrepreneurs, who have seen as being in a Social Media represents growth, brand positioning and close relationships with suppliers, distributors and off course clients.

The success of Social Media lies in the use and advantages people get of it. Some of them count with platforms with advanced technology and quality. However, the participants, their interaction and their activity is what really generates the results.



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