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Making good decisions for managing a direct selling company

Monday, 21 November 2016 15:02

The Greatest Feature of Direct Sales

The greatest feature, advantage and benefit of any direct sales company is the...

Your social media marketing platforms can be more than just about increasing brand exposure.  Imagine if you could reach more of your Facebook followers, and have them share your opportunity with friends and family consistently.

Most eyes in the direct sales industry are focused on the current unsettled regulatory climate in the US. What will our new “rules of the road” be? Must commission payments only be payable upon retail sales to unaffiliated end user customers? Can any portion of personal consumption be counted as commissionable volume?

Both Multi-level marketing and Party Plan companies know that consultants who meet their respective Fast Start Program goals will stay active longer and are more likely to recruit. 

The reason why some Companies thrive and others fail miserably is the point from where they start. If you start from how much money you want to make you will not succeed. But if you start from how many people’s lives you can touch and improve you won’t have a safe big enough to store all the money.

Wednesday, 09 November 2016 11:02

Network Marketing vs. Party Plan

Network Marketing and Party Plan are different models of the direct selling industry. Both of them use a Multilevel Plan; however, these models have different operation structure and their compensation plans have plenty of differences.

According to Kevin Randall, Director of brand strategy and expert in the application of the concept, Neuromarketing is the practice of using technology to measure brain activity in consumers to use it back in product development and communications.

It can also be described as a series of scientific procedures used in marketing by focusing in all consumer´s behavior and motivations.

I hosted a party last week.  An honest to goodness, direct sales, home party.  It wasn’t a business launch.  It wasn’t an open house.  It was simply a party to learn more about the product and share it with my friends.  Truth be told, in the 25 years I’ve been involved in this industry, I had only hosted one other party.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016 07:39

Making Decisions in a Direct Selling Company

People who are new to direct selling often find its concepts and practices difficult to master. Whether we are talking about seasoned executives from another business model or folks that are new to any kind of business enterprise, we direct sellers often confound and confuse them with the decisions we make., Solutions For Direct Selling | Contact | NewsLetters